Tom Park Media is one of the most trusted and exclusive names in automotive marketing.  The reason for this is simple, we have over 30 years of experience in branding America’s most successful dealerships and dealer groups.  

When it comes to dealer advertising and marketing we know what works because we’ve seen it in action over the course of 3 million plus cars sold.  

Our proven success formula is all about creating a permanent impact on your traffic.  Our powerful and comprehensive event driven campaigns keep your message clear and streamlined across every platform providing you long term, consistent and sustained results.  We tailor your campaigns to bring the right customer to your showroom floor week after week.  If it is your intention to take your dealership to the next level, contact us today.

**We only partner with one dealer per market so availability is limited.  Contact us for availability.

Often imitated, never duplicated.



We specialize in the continuous branding of dealers and dealer groups. Our long-term approach helps to insure the continual success of our clients from year to year. In our opinion, a consistent, steady increase in sales is always better than periodic increases and sharp dips.

Our branding system creates an ideal environment for continuous and systematic increases in market share. Our clients who have stayed committed to this approach are among the most successful in the nation. A strong, supported brand is arguably the most valuable marketing asset a dealer can have.  


Our producers and creatives are diligent to make sure that whatever we put out there, we can back up. With an increasing level of oversight in both broadcast and the digital realm, we realize just how important it is that your media not raise any unwanted red flags. Building sales through service is a critical component of long-term branding. The first step to building sales through service is creating an ad that is both compelling and has practical follow-up in your showroom.

With over thirty years in creating automotive ads we have continually advocated a straight forward customer friendly approach. Creating strong campaigns is our top priority and we strive to do so while remaining compliant.


Aconsistent look and feel across every platform is a powerful branding tool. We strive to package our campaigns in a cohesive manner across every relevant platform.

Already have a CRM and digital platform in place? Not a problem, we can supply all of the needed collateral to standardize your brand and your campaigns. We’ve worked alongside numerous vendors in the past while still maintaining solid, cross-platform consistency.


Every shot, script, campaign, idea, graphic, picture or edit is created by an employee of Tom Park Media.  Our creative team is all in house for one very important reason, consistency in your message and brand.  A quality message is one of consistency.

We’ve found in the past that when creatives from different teams get involved the power is the message is often diluted.  We create a clear vision of your brand and message.  In every campaign our team does it together from start to finish. 

Our production and placement process:

  • Review
  • Research
  • Create initial campaign
  • First draft of scripts
  • Revision
  • Produce graphics package
  • Film
  • Edit
  • Post
  • Produce additional graphic collateral
  • Placement
  • Analysis