Smart TV Ads are the latest product created by Tom Park Media. Your digital marketing video can be automated to adapt to your current inventory on a daily basis. You can display current offers on in stock vehicles to in market shoppers, maximizing the impact of your digital video. All at a fraction of the cost of conventional video production.

Our digital department has combined decades of experience in helping top advertisers implement and manage online marketing programs and campaigns. Our primary focus has been large-scale PPC ad campaigns, advanced bid management strategies, data analysis & performance forecasting, process automation, and custom technology solutions supporting campaign management.
Our team is not made up of interns or fresh trainees. It is made up of true experts. In fact, members of the team are regular speakers at Digital Dealer. What this ultimately means for you is that you get far more out of your digital budget than before. Across the board we have seen our client’s digital impact dramatically increase upon implementing Tom Park Media digital and PPC strategies. .

We produce powerful, custom, event-driven video coordinated across platforms that include:
-Digital Preroll

Corporate Video

“I’ve worked with Tom Park Media for over 20 years.  They once helped us sell over 2,200 Hyundais in one month. They are great on the screen and great at buying media.”

Billy Fuccillo