DRIV (Dynamic Responsive Inventory Video) is the latest product created by Tom Park Media. With Driv, your digital marketing video can be automated to adapt to your current inventory on a daily basis. You can display current offers on in stock vehicles to in market shoppers, maximizing the impact of your digital video. All at a fraction of the cost of conventional video production.


We produce powerful, monthly, event-driven campaigns coordinated across broadcast, web and social media. Campaigns include:

-30 second broadcast TV spots

-15 second broadcast TV spots

-corresponding event display graphics

-corresponding event social media elements

-corresponding event pre-roll ad

-corresponding event direct mail

-All fully compliant based on latest manufacturer and FTC guidelines.

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If it is your intention to take your dealership to the next level in sales, profit, image and professionalism, then the answer is Tom Park Media.  After more than 3 million vehicles sold, we are still the standard by which all others are measured.


When it comes to automotive advertising, Tom Park Media’s branding system is unsurpassed. In countless homes across America, we have turned local Ford, Chevy, Dodge, Toyota, Nissan, Kia and Hyundai stores into household names.


Our digital department has combined decades of experience in helping top advertisers implement and manage online marketing programs and campaigns. Our primary focus has been large-scale PPC ad campaigns, advanced bid management strategies, data analysis & performance forecasting, process automation, and custom technology solutions supporting campaign management.


Our team is not made up of interns or fresh trainees. It is made up of true experts. In fact, members of the team are regular speakers at Digital Dealer. What this ultimately means for you is that you get far more out of your digital budget than before. Across the board we have seen our client’s digital impact dramatically increase upon implementing Tom Park Media digital and PPC strategies. .

Automotive Marketing, Management and Consulting

America’s premier automotive marketing specialist, Tom Park Media, offers high quality, dealer-branded, image building campaigns with the most sophisticated and versatile ad plans to date. Be the leader in your market with truly comprehensive marketing plans that cover media planning, creative, production, broadcast analysis, digital production, SEO, SEM, social marketing, direct mail, sales processes and training.


Let the professionals at Tom Park Media pump up your volume with our proven success formula. Are you getting the most for your ad dollar?

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Improving your advertising and marketing strategy can sometimes feel uncertain and imprecise. At Tom Park Media we take out all of the guess work for our clients. What it really comes down to is finding the proper marketing mix.


At Tom Park Media we have the ability to analyze your market and find the perfect harmony between your linear and digital efforts and maximize the impact of your budget. Our sustainable branding from our broadcast campaigns coupled with our exacting digital campaigns keep your dealership at the top of your customer’s mind and at keep you a cut above the competition.

“I’ve worked with Tom Park Media for over 20 years.  They once helped us sell over 2,200 Hyundais in one month. They are great on the screen and great at buying media.”

Billy Fuccillo


With over 30 years of marketing and advertising in the automotive industry, our formula for success is simply unbeatable.  Our focus has always been and will always be automotive.  We know what it takes for a dealership to be number one in their market, in fact, we have been instrumental in the rise of several of the most successful dealer groups in the nation.  Only accept the the best.


Tom Park – President

After more than three million vehicles sold, Tom Park is still the standard by which all other automotive spokesmen are measured. More importantly, his understanding of the automotive business is what separates him from all others. Tom is not just a mere spokesperson but a consultant and trusted addition to some of the most successful companies in the nation.

Miles Olson – Digital Marketing Operations

Miles is a digital advertising veteran with over 15 years experience who has helped top advertisers implement and manage their online marketing programs. He has primarily focused on large-scale PPC ad campaigns, advanced bid management strategies, data analysis & performance forecasting, process automation, and custom technology solutions supporting campaign management.

Wade Hickey – CFO

The Hickey name is synonymous with world sales records. Wade was instrumental in taking Lynn Hickey Dodge to number 1 in the world and facilitating the first corporate buy out of any automotive operation. A car man through and through, Wade knows what it takes to merchandise a dealership to the next level.

Bill Gibson – Production Manager

Billy is the backbone of Tom Park Media. Overseeing over 25 years of productions, Gibson makes sure our product is consistently crafted and delivered on time. Whether it’s camera, lighting, sound, on location or in post Billy has the skill and experience to get it done.

Andrew Park – Producer / Director

Andrew’s keen eye and artistic skill have made him one of the most valuable assets to Tom Park Media.  His astute understanding of composition, graphic design post production and web based media allow him to create the perfect vision for our clients.



Our writers have decades of combined experience in writing copy for automotive ads.   They are highly skilled in formulating the perfect events and promotions for individual dealers dependent upon needs, demographics and market.  Good creative starts with good writing.


Our editors focus is always one of message, visibility and aesthetics.  This three pronged approach helps to make your video advertisements as effective as possible.  Our editors are also well versed in formatting and delivery and have worked in placing video ads in different formats to different stations all across the nation.


Our designers do an incredible job of bringing campaigns together visually.  They are adept in creating different graphics and looks for events that span across all of a dealer’s media.  A cohesive look always leads to a better branded and better remembered campaign.